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Debut (Light Novel) Vol 1
Debut (Manga) Issue 1
Debut (Anime) Episode 1
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Partner Raymond Kirkland


Bridgit is an Asia Dragon in the world of Seikoku no Dragonar. It is the Dragon pal of Raymond Kirkland and It temporarily become the pal of Echo when the latter gave it some of her power and become a Holy Dragon.

Personality Edit

Despite the fact that dragons do not have a gender, Bridgit has a very female like personality, becoming enraged when it overheard Raymond joking to Ash about switching pals.

Appearance Edit

In it's Asia form, Bridgit has the appearance of an regular dragon of it's type.

After Echo made Bridgit evolve into a Maestro by giving it some of her power, it's skin became white and it grew to a size that rivaled Cu Chulainn, a dragon known for being huge, even by dragon standards. However, after Echo's power wore off Bridgit returned to it's Asia form.

Abilities Edit

As an Asia dragon, Bridgit has the ability to use earth magic, but it is noted that it's ability with it is nothing special.

After being made into a Holy Dragon Maestro by gaining some of Echo's magic, Bridgit's abilities increased greatly. It gained the ability to use Holy magic, something all dragons that become Holy dragon Maestro's can do, along with it's old earth magic. As a Maestro, Bridgit's overall power rivals Cu Chulainn's, whom is known as the most powerful dragon in the Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, with the exception of Echo in her dragon form. However, after the effect of Echo's magic wore off, Bridgit's overall abilities returned to normal.