The Elbaff are a race of people in the world of Seikoku no Dragonar.


Ages ago, the race of elves, along with other races with powerful magic, found that the amount of Astral they could produce was diminishing. In order to survive, the elves interbred with a race that retained it's ability to produce large amounts of Astral; humans. The descendents of these elves are the Elbaff, sometimes called the Elbaff tribe.

The members of this tribe were once known to be famous Breeders of Dragons, however, in recent years only one is known to have become a Breeder. Certain rare members of the tribe are also capable of performing the Dragon Dance, which allows them to use incredibly powerful magic together with their Dragons via a variety of complex formulas formed by flight, which resembles a Dragon dancing in the sky.

Elbaff appear as slender people with delicate features and pointed ears.


  • Elbaff traditionally sleep in boxes that resemble coffins.
    • When their owner dies, they typically are 'used' as coffins.

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