Ties That Bind: The Astral Flow
Name in Japanese 二人の絆・星精路
Air Date April 12, 2014
Production Staff
Script Masaharu Amiya
Storyboard Yutaka Hirata
Episode Director Yutaka Hirata
Animation Director Asami Watanabe
Episode Navigation
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Theme Songs
Opening Seiken Nante Iranai
Ending MOST Ijō no 'MOSTEST'

Ties That Bind: The Astral Flow (二人の絆・星精路(アストラル・フロウ) Futari no Kizuna Seiseirou?) is the second episode of the Seikoku no Dragonar anime. It first aired on April 12, 2014.


Ash finally have his pal born, a dragon named Echo who is actually a human girl. To make matters more problematic, the thunder young dragon declares she is his master!? After a touring stroll around the academy city, someone has their sights on Echo to be more than a valuable research subject.




Differences from Light NovelEdit

  • The event where Ash names Echo is placed during her visit to the town in the anime, when it was moments after her birth during the novel.