Riot in the Streets
Name in Japanese 市街動乱
Air Date April 19, 2014
Production Staff
Script Noboru Kimura
Storyboard Masafumi Tamura
Episode Director Masafumi Tamura
Animation Director Daisuke Endo
Episode Navigation
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Theme Songs
Opening Seiken Nante Iranai
Ending MOST Ijō no 'MOSTEST'

Riot in the Streets (市街動乱?) is the third episode of the Seikoku no Dragonar anime. It first aired on April 19, 2014.


A hesistant Ash becomes urged as he was invited to join the Student Council by the seductive president, Rebecca Randall. While on a cafeteria break, the mysterious intruders Ash encountered during the Aries festival starts spurring chaos by summoning an undead dragon that captures and swallows Echo whole in the process. With Ash struggling to her rescue, can Echo fix up his Arc set to save the day?




Differences from Light NovelEdit