Jessica Valentine (ジェシカ・ヴァレンタイン Jeshika Varentain?) is a female Ansullivan Student in Seikoku no Dragonar.


Jessica likes to play the part of a self-entitled rich girl, that has lived in luxury all her life. However, she is very terrified of anyone learning the truth that her 'life of luxury' is because her family are servants to the wealthy Randall family. 

Despite her pretentious behavior, Jessica has shown courage, such as when she revealed herself to be one of the hostages when held by Avdocha, in an attempt to protect Princess Silvia, who was also among the hostages.

She desired to find the identity of the silver knight, in order to marry him which due to the laws set in place would truly make her nobility. Upon learning that person was Ash Blake, she has made many attempts to seduce him in order to achieve her goal.


Jessica is a slim girl with a good physical appearance. Jessica's eyes are purple and her hair is brown. She has her hair in the form of spirals up to her hip. She wears a normal female uniform from the Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, consisting of a white coat with red decorations, a black shirt and skirt, and garters and sexy underwear.


She was president of the Silver Knight Fan Club, a group dedicating to discovering the identity of the the Silver Knight who saved Ansullivan from the Necromancia.

After learning her savior from Avdocha's terrorist subterfuge was none other than Ash Blake, Rebecca Randall "transferred" her to the Student Council to help keep her silence about Ash's identity.


Jessica is a Breeder, and thus has her own dragon which she can ride, and communicate with. This also allows her to draw on their power to cast spells.


  • Jessica and Rebecca are old friends and playmates.
    • Because Jessica's family worked for Rebecca's for generations.
  • Jessica has a crush on the "Silver Knight", but doesn't seem to think much of Ash until she finds out they are one and the same.