Lucca Sarlinen (ルッカ・サーリネン Rukka Sārinen) The Student Council secretary.


Lucca is a very pretty, waifish young woman. Short and slender, with pointed ears, short, pale blonde hair in a pageboy cut, and purple eyes. She is often described has having an appearance much like a Yosei or fairy.


Lucca has a very aloof personality often doing things a her own pace. Sometimes comes across as a bit of an airhead.


Lucca is a very skilled rider, even capable of dancing while on Gawain's back as he flies. This skill links back to another talent of hers, unique to the Elbaff tribe, the Dragon Dance. While performing it, the two can cast many different spells, the full range of which has yet to be revealed.


Eventually, Lucca is granted her own arc by Gawain which consists of a staff and a great deal of magic circles


  • Lucca is of the Elbaff tribe.
    • She is presently the only Elbaff Breeder.
  • Lucca holds the record for youngest person to achieve the rank of Dragonar.
  • Lucca's foster father is the head of her village.