Rebecca Randall (レベッカ・ランドール Rebekka Randooru?) is the former student council president who graduated from Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, and one of the main heroines in Seikoku no Dragonar.



Rebecca is a confident and intelligent young woman, as well as very strong willed.  She is easily able to cow most others using her beauty, brains, or force of personality, though she seems to prefer the velvet glove when possible. She gets along with everyone around her due to her kind nature, though as the student council president she does discipline students who break school rules, mostly Jessica. She often makes sexual advances towards Ash Blake, claiming that she's interested in him, but mostly does it to tease Silvia Lautreamont and Jessica Valentine.


Rebecca is an extremely beautiful young woman with a beautiful face and light green eyes. She has a seductive body, with large breasts, and a very well curved figure. She has long crimson hair. She wears a normal dragon academy female outfit, consisting of a white coat with red decorations, a black sweeter, dark red leggings, and white gloves.


Rebecca comes from a very rich family, with servants whose family has served her's for generations. On or around her seventh birthday she was marked as a Breeder by the Mother Dragon, and joined the Ansullivan Dragonar Academy. Eventually, her dragon pal, named Cuchulain was born, and in time, ascended to the rank of Maestro, while Rebecca joined the Academy student council, eventually achieving the rank of president. She was hailed as the youngest Dragonar ever until Lucca Sarlinen took the record.


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Ark CreationEdit

Rebecca randall 3-91

Rebecca's Ark

Rebecca is an Arch Dragonar, which means she is a Breeder who has raised their Dragon pal to the level of Maestro, and their pal has then become strong enough to create an Ark, or mystical armor and weapon for their rider. Her weapon, Gael Bolg, is a lance that can be thrown with great destructive power. She also has the skills and abilities common to Breeders.


  • Rebecca's Ark Weapon, Gael Bolg, is tied to the myth of the Irish hero Cú Chulainn, the Champion of Ulster, that her dragon is named for.

Relationships Edit

Ash Blake

Rebecca at first flirts and teases Ash and forces him to join the Student Council but she starts developing feelings after his achievements, and she feels that he is the only male that will not fail to meet her expectations. She eventually falls deeply in love with him as that will not disappoint her because of his skills, and considers him someone she could pursue but this changes dramatically after Volume 5 when she appears late at night in the Royal dormitory that Ash and Eco are staying because their dormitory is being rebuilt, and she finally confesses her true feelings towards him something that will make Ash's life very difficult already because Eco already has a Romantic rival in Silvia this doesn't help matters.

Trivia Edit

  • Rebecca's Ark has the appearance of a red unitard.
    • This is apparently not her Ark's true form, but a weaker form she uses most of the time.
  • Rebecca and Jessica are old childhood friends.
  • Before Lucca, Rebecca held the record for youngest Dragonar in history.